Minneapolis, Minnesota - U.S.A.

Surulere, Lagos - NIGERIA
Nigeria Office:

234 (802) 333-1102
234 (803) 319-0692

U.S. Office:

1 (612) 408-4087
1 (763) 559-1038 FAX

At Triple Logic Telecommunications, customers are served around the world by businesses focused on solutions designed for telecommunications, wireless, cable, and enterprise networks.

Services include:

  • Development and deployment of telelecommunications infrastructures and facilities

  • Logistics planning, execution, haulage and provisioning of warehouse facilities for telecomunication equipment

  • Telecommunications technical procurement and general resource management

  • System integrations from time of purchase to installation and commissioning

  • Telecommunication training programs

  • Deveployment of fiber optics installation (e.g. excavation, trenching and ducting, manholes, fiber splicing)

  • Installation of raised telecommunication floors